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Advancement Information

Latest Eagle Information

August 17th, 2023
Recent Arrowhead District Eagle(s)

Citizenship in Society

Citizenship in Society

Citizenship in Society became an Eagle Required Merit Badge on 7/1/22. A Scout who is wanting to earn this merit badge can reach out to [email protected] for a list of merit badge counselors or do a search in Scoutbook.

Becoming a Merit Badge Counselor – starting Sept. 1st (MBC will be charged $25 fee if not already registered with a unit annually)

If any YPT trained adult would like to facilitate this merit badge or any other merit badges please submit the following:

  1. Updated Merit Badge Counselor form (currently dated Aug. 2023)
  2. There is also a link to apply/pay online fee however; paper forms still need to be submitted for processing applications.
  3. Must include YPT date & date of MBC Training with proof/copies (Aug. 2023)
  4. Signed Adult Application
  5. Copy of YPT Certificate (currently needing 2024 Expiration date)
  6. Copy of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion training certificate or other BSA approved certifications
  7. Relevant experience or qualifications discussed during interview call.

All documents should be submitted to [email protected] email. The Advancement Committee will meet, process, provide a final determination at monthly Advancement Committee meetings, and notify approved counselors once approved.

Guide to Advancement

1. Steps for Eagle Scout Workbook – Project Proposal

  • Make sure you are using official Scouts BSA site for most recent version (currently No. 2023a dated February 2023)
  • Information for Contact Sheet with all names and information completed. NO BLANKS unless you do not have an Eagle Coach!!

Project Proposals will be reviewed once a month starting in Sept. 2022.

Next Date available –  September 2023 (TBD)

2. Steps for Eagle Scout Application

  • Most Current Eagle Scout Application (currently 512-728 – dated June 2022) with “wet signatures on same page” meaning NO DOCUSIGNED signatures.
  • Final Individual History Report (signed by 3 Unit Leaders)
  • Total of workers & hours page (# of hours on workbook & application must match) from Project Report (Page B & your example of time line tracker or log used)
  • Final Signatures Page for the Service Project Report
  • Ambitions/Life Purposes Statement
  • Submit Eagle Packet to Arrowhead Advancement email for final review of Eagle Packet then once it is completed it can be submitted to Longhorn Council Service Center.
  • Once reviewed by Advancement Chair, it can be submitted to Council Registrar. They will review Eagle Packets once a week on Wednesdays and Originals must be submitted including “Wet Signatures” for final signature by Longhorn Council.

How to do Eagle Scout Rank Application (Video Clip)

Eagle Extension Paperwork – Needs to include supporting documentation and most current forms filled out. Covid Exceptions are no longer being given.

Examples of “Worthy Projects”

  • Painting walls, building reading corner, and book drive for Mission Arlington
  • Rock Garden and Bike Path at local church
  • Extreme clean-up of cemetery in state of disrepair
  • Mobile Stage Construction for highschool

List of organizations seeking Eagle Project help

  • The Dogwood Canyon Audubon Center, Julie Collins, [email protected], Director
  • Arlington High School, Cristy Wolfskill, [email protected], PTA Executive Board
  • Galileo Church in Mansfield, Pastor Rev. Dr. Katie Hays, [email protected], Ph: 817-773-3147
  • Morada Senior Living, Erin McKenna, [email protected], Activities Director,
    Ph: 682-583-6398
  • Mission Arlington, Tillie Burgin, (817) 277-6620

3. Steps for Eagle Scout Board of Review

  • Request Eagle Board of Review from Advancement Chair (once email confirmation sent by Council)
  • Eagle BOR’s will be held once a month starting Sept. 2022
  • Prepare & Attend Eagle Board of Review
  • Advancement committee will request Reference Letters once approved application is received (Emails will be sent to [email protected])
  • Advancement Chair will return Eagle Board of Review signed application to Council
  • Scoutmaster will be advised by Council once final Eagle package ready
  • Then the family can plan on an Eagle Court of Honor (Currently running 6-8 weeks)

Eagle Palm Requirements

Longhorn Council Facebook Page/Instagram Page

You can send information & picture to Longhorn Council to Kevin Wassie for your scout to be possibly highlighted in Longhorn Council’s Facebook group and Instagram Page.

Scholarship/Awards Info

Congratulatory Letters

Presidential Letter of Congratulations

Sen. Ted Cruz

Sen. John Cornyn



  • There have been several Merit Badges updated for 2023 please go check requirements before having your Scoutmaster open the merit badge.
  • Several Belt Loops/Pins are being discontinued as of May 31, 2022 & are not being replaced

Merit Badge College

Arrowhead University – Merit Badge College
Registration Opens 12/1/23
Mar. 2, 2024 @ St. Barnabas!


Now Accepting Merit Badge Counselors for Arrowhead University!

We hope you will support our effort to provide a quality experience for our scouts. If you are able and willing to lead a class, please fill out the following survey: If you know of someone who you would like to have assist you during your classes or who might want to volunteer, please provide us with their contact information. Also, we will be requiring proof of YPT Certification.

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